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Create A New Income Stream Designed For Tough Times as a
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach


Get A "Business In A Box" That You Can Use Right Away

Be Your Own Boss and Control Your Destiny


Learn Online Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic


Position Yourself Ahead of Other Coaches With An International Brand




“Mitch Meyerson as you may already know is the man who founded Guerrilla Marketing Coach.

He is also one of the most outstanding coaches in the nation, if not the world”…His depth of understanding the ways to motivate action and implant ideas is superb.”

Hear more from Jay Conrad Levinson

--Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father Of Guerrilla Marketing

david hancock
David Hancock

"In less than four years Morgan James Publishing has gone from a start-up to a $10 million business and was ranked number 44 on Fast Company's “Fast 50” Companies for 2006.  As Morgan James’ founder, I was even named a Finalist in the Best Chairman category in The 2006 American Business Awards. 

My Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification training has significantly impacted our day to day business. We would never be where we are today without Mitch Meyerson, Jay Conrad Levinson  and the Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program".

Craig Valentine,1999 World Champion of
Public Speaking

"I fought the battle against marketing for 5 years. That's a year longer than the Civil War. I was a self-proclaimed artist who thought I did not need any marketing. What I found out is that a lack of marketing turns people into starving artists.

Whatever business we are in is really a 'marketing' business. Subsequently I've been through book after book and workshop after workshop and absolutely nothing comes close to matching the experience and the results I got from the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program. The GMC program helps you pick up all the profits most entrepreneurs leave on the table. I couldn't have made a wiser choice!


- Start TODAY and Be Certified in 12 weeks

This is the EXACT same content and Certification as the course we have tought
to hundreds of Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches Worldwide!

Originally $2495... now for a time limited period only $995.00
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Please read...

The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Homestudy Certification allows you to take the course at your pace and start right away without waiting.
The content and validity of Certification is exactly the same as is the original group version however there are no live group sessions.
It is self study course.

You will begin a 50 minute private session with Mitch Meyerson, Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching to assess your business, define your goals and review the course content.

Then at your own pace you will: 1) listen to the 12 one hour sessions by downloadable audios and 2) read the content in the GMC Certification manual and complete the fieldwork for each session. At the end of the program you will be required to take the GMC certification exam.

Questions? email Mitch at

Your Trainer: Mitch Meyerson, Co-Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching and author of 9 books

Mitch Meyerson



Mitch leading Entrepreneur Magazine Event.
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Some of Mitch Meyerson's books:

• Mastering Online Marketing
• Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet
• Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines
• Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars
• Success Secrets of The Social Media Marketing Superstars.


Priced For This Economy. This is one of the most affordable certification courses in the world.
Payment Plans Accepted. Become a part of the Official Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Network.



Originally $2495.00

Start Your New Business Designed For Tough Times
Right Now

--> Payment - now only $995
(This price may increase at any time)

We would be happy to speak with you on the phone or via email
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These are challenging times, money is tight and the marketplace is cluttered with your competitors. What can you do to quickly create a new income stream offering something that your customers really need?

Become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach
Create A New Income Stream in Today's Tough Economy

Guerrilla Marketing is a brand recognized all over the world and growing every day.

Today there are 38 books in 41 languages, and more than 15 million copies have been sold worldwide.
Here are 2 New books just released in August 2008 by Jay Levinson and Mitch Meyerson

Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet
Featuring 35 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches

Are You A Business Owner Looking To Increase Your Yearly Revenue by Adding Guerrilla Marketing and Coaching To Your Skill Set?
Are You A Coach Looking To Affiliate Yourself with an International Brand and Stand Out In A Cluttered MarketPlace?
Are You Looking To Join A Group Of Unstoppable Revenue Producing Entrepreneurs Turned Guerrilla Marketing Coaches
Would Your Like To Gain Access For Life Into The Guerrilla Marketing Coaches Alumni Forum and possibly be an author in the next edition Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines?
Are You Ready To Join An Intensive 12 Week Program Designed To Hold You Accountable To Attracting New Customers and Increasing Your Active Revenue?



"Guerrilla Marketing Certification has helped me gain more new business, faster, because I now have the tools to respond better to my clients' needs."
Alex Mandossian, Traffic Conversion Specialist

Alex Mandossian


Ursula Kauth

"Your GM Coaching Certification training changed my life... My business has grown dramatically over the past few months. My clients are in awe with my service. I have changed many of my marketing activities and received pleasing results. Finally I found myself. Thank you Mitch"


Course Outline:



Week 1- How Guerrilla Marketing can Boost Your Profits Without Spending A lot of Money

Week 2- The 16 Competencies For Achieving Maximum Results

Week 3- The 10 Essential Skills For Becoming A Masterful Coach

Week 4- Creating Your Seven Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan


Week 5- 100 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons for Your Attack

Week 6- The Keys To Presenting Yourself With Impact

Week 7- Overcoming Procrastination and Other Pitfalls

Week 8 - Using Fusion Marketing For Fun and Profit



Week 9 - Guerrilla Marketing Online- Gems from the Online Marketing Superstars

Week 10 - Leveraging Your Guerrilla Marketing Attack

Week 11 - How To Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rates

Week 12- Guerrilla Marketing Review and Q&A



• Brand and represent yourself publicly as a Guerrilla Marketing Coach
• Use of the GMC logo for your website and materials
• Gain the tools you need to become an Master GM Coach
• Become part of a community of GM Coaches

Taught by Mitch Meyerson, Founder and CEO of Guerrilla Marketing Coach

If you're ready to make a change in your business that will really make a difference in your life...

The GMC Program is an intensive 12 week program designed to provide business coaches with the knowledge and marketing savvy to build extremely successful businesses. This program builds on the coaching skills you may already have and takes you to the next level by teaching you proven techniques to help you become a superb marketer and marketing coach.

Become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

We believe that an excellent marketing coach must be able to "walk their talk." As a part of the certification process each participant will be required to have an online presence and develop his or her own Guerrilla Marketing Attack for their business. This includes writing and implementing their own marketing plan, developing fusion marketing partners and applying the GM principles that they will learn to coach their own clients.

Over the last 12 years we have trained over 400 Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches throughout the world. Our GM coaches live in Australia, Tokyo, UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Canada and all over the US.

Our Intensive GMC 12 Week Training Program includes:

. 12 One Hour High-Impact Interactive Teleclasses
. 235 Pages of Action-Focused Guerrilla Marketing Tactics and Strategies
. All classes recorded for later listening
. A Web-based Interactive Discussion Forum
. Become Eligible to Be an author in the new series, Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines
. All Sessions Are Recorded and Available 24/7

All focused to help you learn, coach and implement the principles of Guerrilla Marketing.


guerrilla marketing coach logo

"The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Certification Program has been a valuable – even life-changing experience."Certified" is commanding attention and more respect from prospects even those who admit never having heard of guerrilla marketing.
My passion for writing has been rejuvenated. Marketing is no longer intimidating, as I have a clearly defined market to pursue. And it’s a snap to position myself in the minds of prospects –
My favorite takeaway? The procrastination-busting exercises, which have helped me conquer my fear of cold calling.

--Jenny Hamby, Copywriter


"I'm so glad that I enrolled for the GM Certification class. I was amazed to look at my books and realize that my business has grown 300% in the 12 weeks that we have met! "

Don Lawler, The Guerrilla Video Marketing Coach

Every Guerrilla knows that taking consistent action is the key to business success. So we help you set up systems that will ensure your success. Your success is our success.

The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification program is the business equivalent of sky-diving,or deep-sea diving. You'll be challenged, enlightened and come out on the other side totally equipped for a new business adventure. I can't recommend this highly enough, and two words to describe it(which I've seldom had occasion to use before) are LIFE-CHANGING!

Combat Tough Times-- Brand Yourself And Your Business With The Best Selling Marketing Series In History

The next 12 week session will be will be co-lead by Mitch Meyerson, Founder of GMC and best selling author of Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars.

Some of Mitch Meyerson's Books


"One of the greatest business leaders of our time"

"In my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible men and women, and Mitch Meyerson is one of those people who I hold as one of the greatest business leaders of our times . His strong background in psychology and his strong mentoring skills have taught me a multitude of new and innovative ways to motivate leaders and individuals at every level of the companies I work with. His talent and expertise were just what I needed to transform my skills into those required for growing a thriving professional coaching and consulting practice. I am a more powerful leader as a result of working with Mitch. He is a true pro!" Bea Fields, President

Join this team of Guerrilla Marketing Coaches

The Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaches

Here are just a few of the hundreds of things you will learn:


The 62 FREE ways to grow your business profits
The 4 principles to experiencing exponential business growth
The 3 biggest marketing mistakes that'll destroy your "bottom-line"
How to affect 90 percent of your prospects' purchasing decisions
How to set up a Guerrilla Marketing attack in any market segment
How to gain maximum power out of FREE public relations & media
How to spy on yourself -- and your competitors -- to grow faster
How to create a "Guerrilla Marketing calendar" … and profit from it quickly
How to craft moneymaking newsletters that almost write themselves
The 7 questions to creating a powerful Guerrilla Marketing Plan
How to profit from fusion marketing relationships with competitors


"The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program had a huge impact
on launching my coaching/consulting career which now includes a number
of highly successful books and a column with
My best seller, Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days began when I took this course and Mitch Meyerson introduced me with Jay Conrad Levinson to co write GM30

. ... In addition to becoming an expert Guerrilla Marketer, The GM Coach
Certification Program can help you in ways that may exceed your expectations"
-- Al Lautenslager, Author Of Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days

Questions? Call Mitch Meyerson



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